Tour Guide system with Talk back function for your guests!


Wireless guide radio system and dialogue system with feedback option!

  • Now the guest can also speak to the Guide to ask a question for example.
  • Now TWO guides can lead at the same time
  • Now TWO persons can always speak at the same time

At the touch of a button, each participant on the tour can use the built-in microphone on the receiver to ask questions that are heard by everyone else in the group and, of course, by the tour leader. This creates a dialogue with your visitors or guests and your guided tours become even more exciting and lively.

Alternatively, the system can also be used to lead the group with 2 guides. The second speaker works then with a receiver with PTT key over the integrated microphone.



(the receiver is supplied as standard in the colour black, colour orange or green on request)

The Talk2Guide system improves speech intelligibility enormously, especially with high ambient noise levels. Every participant has the best speech quality at all times without having to be in close proximity to the speaker.

The system can be used in the industrial sector for factory tours, but also in museums (exhibitions) or for city tours.

The receivers are very compact and lightweight (they weigh only 35 grams) and can therefore be used throughout the day without any problems. The single-sided, feather-light, hygienic, clip-on earphones ensure crystal clear reception of the guide’s speech. Participants can also use their own headphones, if available.

The group leader is equipped with a clip microphone combined with one-sided earphones in order to be able to hear the questions of the guests even in noisy areas. As an alternative or option to the consultation option, a second guide can join the group using the receiver’s built-in microphone for speaking. 2 persons can always speak at the same time!

It is possible to choose between 16 channels. This is done manually or automatically by synchronizing with the transmitter. After the selection, the receiver is automatically locked so that an accidental change of channel is impossible.

The devices are very easy to operate, so that all persons, young or old, can cope with them. The LCD display shows the selected channel number, volume level, battery level and system status.

The built-in rechargeable batteries ensure that the transmitter can be used for 15 hours. The receiver can even be used continuously for up to 20 hours.

From now on, each of your guests will hear you as if they were standing right next to you and will be able to ask you questions that everyone else listens to!

Application scenarios and functionality:

One guide speaks, guests listen to him:


Use as a classic guided tour system: One person speaks, everyone else simply listens!

Two guides speak at the same time, guests listen to them:


Used as a personal guidance system but in addition to the main speaker, a second person can also speak at any time via the built-in microphone of the receiver. The visitors hear a mixed signal from both speakers. The speakers are also equipped with earphones and hear the same signal. As soon as second guide doesn´t push his TALK-button all guests can also ask questions!

One guide speaks, guests listen but can also ask questions:


The system converts from a personal guidance system to a dialogue system:
Every single visitor has the possibility to ask a question at the push of a button on his receiver, every other visitor and guide of the group hears. In other words, everyone hears the question asked and, of course, the speaker’s answer. Only one visitor can speak at same time (beside to the guide). As soon as the visitor leaves out the talk button, the next group member can activate his talk channel and ask a question.
The speaker can activate or deactivate the speech function of the participants via his transmitter. He can therefore control when and where questions may be asked using a simple slider. This prevents misuse or disturbances by the group members.


  • in comparison to other facilities, your guests can also ask questions now
  • 2 guides can speak simultaneously and lead the group
  • 16 channels selectable, with automatic synchronisation and channel blocking
  • Free use and free of charge in Europe
  • Any number of receivers possible
  • Every guest has the perfect listening experience
  • Avoidance of crowds around the speaker
  • The guide no longer has to speak loudly, the voice of the guide is spared
  • Guests who stay behind can be addressed directly
  • So the group stays more together
  • No disturbance of other groups or persons
  • Guided tours become quieter overall, noise development in museums or churches is avoided
  • Very easy operation

In short:
The quality of your guided tours will be increased considerably!

  • very compact dimensions and low weight, can therefore be used throughout the day
  • simple and easy transport with various types of bags between different locations
  • rechargeable battery, no pollution from disposable batteries
  • Energy saving through automatic switching off of the receivers (without signal reception)
  • Battery is replaceable for service purposes, therefore very sustainable
  • easy-to-clean, hygienic earphone, adapts flexibly to the outer ear, no contact with the inner ear, no foam pads that need to be changed
  • no disposable earphones necessary, the environment is protected

Transmitter and Receiver


Various accessories available:


On request, various microphones, headsets, one- and two-sided earphones, headphones, neckband headphones, induction coils for hearing aid wearers, neck cord, charging adapter, as well as spare parts such as spare batteries are available.

Various charging, storage and transport options available:




By using our SyncKit all receivers plugged into the charging unit are simultaneously set to the desired frequency (or channel) at the push of a button. This makes it much easier to divide up your groups.


If you only plan guidances from time to time, we can also offer you the opportunity to rent our CityGuide system in the configuration of your choice on a daily basis or by the week. As existing customer you can also extend your CityGuide system for larger groups.
No matter what your requirements are, our CityGuide system gets composed in the configuration of your choice.

Offers and Prices

Prices on request! We are looking forward to make you your own tailor-made offer for sale or rent!



We will be happy to advise you. Call us for your individual offer for purchase or rental!

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